Big Cleaning

勿虚 2019-07-24
Today when I woke up, I felt a bit discomfort. Therefore, I tried to find out what's wrong with me. In the end, I found that the reason
is my bedroom is so untidy. My bookshelf was almost full and some books fell down , and my table overspread books and stationery.My bed sheet was disturbed and become as same as wrinkle. It seems like a devil came to my room last night. All in all, These scenes made me felt really unwell, so I called my mum and begin a big cleaning.

The first mission is cleaning the book shelf, it is so dangerous!!! I collected 3 books from bed and ground. Thanks God, the book
don't fell on me. If not, I may need to go to hospital. I also go down the supermarket and buy a fixed mount to fix the shelf. That's
very expensive.

The next one is made the bed sheet become straight again, let's skip this because it's just took up 5 mins. The most terrible mission
is arranging my stationary. Because of my laziness, I always forgot to collect the pens back into the box, the other writing or DIY
materials were also all scattered on the desk. Now I'm sure I must to reduce this bad habit.

However, after collecting the things, my room become better though I'm so tired. I learn that I should change my habits and tried to
find out a good one.
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