Brotherhood of Blades

勿虚 2019-07-13
Today,I saw a film called Brotherhood of Blades, this is about a experience of three imperial guards. They were ordered to kill a eunuch
named Wei Zhongxian. However, the truth wasn't so simple. Soon after they fell into a palace coup. The protagonist Shen Lian is the
most attractive character in the story. His fidelity to his friends is the most attractive in the film. It also made me admire him so much.
Although he kill his brothers indirectly, his goal to do it is just want to help them.
All in all, the build of temperament is excellent. I can still remember every details of the characters' movement and countenance. The
plot is also perfect, I didn't feel a bit bored or too fast during watching. The control of time that transition happened is reasonable.
Because this film is an action movie, the knowledge that it bring isn't so much. I'm sure that it is a once-in-a-lifetime good movie. It
still surmount my feeling of Chinese film. I encourage everybody to see this, you can get something after seeing this even though you
are elderly or children.
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