Em... It is tiring thing, but happy.

One week ago, there's a night that I lose sleep, you know why? I've got a new my friend Noah, he will
give a labrador called KaKa (卡卡) to me the day after ! (≧ω≦*) It sounds excellent, doesn't it? Well, that's
the reason why I kept clear-headed whole night.
The entirety feel good, but when the dog came, he almost freaks me out ! (°◇° ) He is so huge. You can
see KaKa's photo in the following list. Although he is very cute and always like act like a spoiled child, he
broke my mum's mostly pot plants! Therefore, my mum said he has an angel face, but play like a scallywag.
If any of you had been kept a dog at home, you must know the feeling of walking a dog. For example, I
need to wake up at 5:45 every day ! (include weekends) , it is a really tiring and dull thing!
Fortunately, his smart made us love him again. The next day after he arrived, he learned how to squat
down and fall flat on the ground! One day, can you imagine? How smart he is! It made up his shortage
Em, I think it is the time to feed KaKa, he is a glutton! Let's talk it next.
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