A letter (crime fiction)

One night, there were a few people walking in a park. “Ha! Ha! This joke is so humorous !”
They were chatting. Suddenly, one of them found a woman who was hanging from a tree.
They felt strange about it, so they moved closer to the woman. Then, a terrible scene appeared in front of them.
The woman was died!
Next day, the police surrounded the park. Detective Rex heard about this news and went to the crime scene.
When he arrived, the police officers were discussing the murder, so he took part in it.
“The victim's name was Mary, she was single and she killed herself. There is a suicide note next to her died body.
It's about how disappointed she felt in her life and she didn’t want to be alive anymore,”
said by a police officer. “I don’t think so,” detective Rex said suddenly.
“I could smell there is a little anesthetic on the letter,”All the Police officers tried to smell for the anesthetic.
Then, Rex said confidently,“I will investigate this murder. Don't make a conclusion so fast.”
In the following days, Rex got the information about Mary from her neighbour Sam. "She isn't always at home.
I had seen her bringing a man back to her house,"said by Sam. “Oh! It's interesting!” said Rex.
One day after, Rex found that the man’s name was Rex, and he was married!
“Ha! Ha! Case closed .I'm sure that it must Alex's wife killed Mary,”
Rex said. After that, he called the police officers to arrest Alex's wife with him.
Yes, it is. Alex's wife was the murderer. Her name is Amy.
She committed the murder because she detected that her husband was having an extramarital affair.
She found Mary was the one who was hanging out with her husband,
so she killed Mary at the midnight and made it like a suicide case.
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